About Us


By definition, an artisan is a worker in a skilled trade, typically involving creating things by hand. In todays world of hairstylists we are exactly that. Every client is our canvas, in which we hand craft. 

We are a small family owned business, created by a stylist herself. With 15+ years in the hair industry Becky Miller saw a need for something better. Although there are plenty of options for hair foil on the market, we felt something was missing.

Color techniques are constantly evolving, so should your hair tools. Modern Foil has classically redesign this hair coloring basic. Starting with our texture, we wanted a soft and quiet foil, and we wanted it to have grip. We created the first ever two layer embossing. Starting with a leather grain background. This gives our foils the soft and quiet effect. We then added raised specks in random shapes to add some stability to the foil, this is what gives us the perfect grip. Next came our standard size of 6 x12.5 inch. Our width allows for larger sections, which means more efficiency with your time and money. The 12.5 in length is very versatile for all hair lengths, and pairs beautifully with our B boards. 

Then we wanted to add artwork onto our foil canvas that had purpose and inspiration. With an emphasis on art we curated a collection of beautifully inspiring colors and patterns. Our design inspiration is timeless and modern, and there is a story behind each pattern. 

Much like a uniquely crafted espresso, our foils have been designed with experience and love for the craft.